Barcelona Digital Talent publishes the report on the state of digital talent with the 'Digital Talent Overview 2021'. It can be consulted publicly on its website.

Digital Talent Overview 2021
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Barcelona Digital Talent fights the digital talent gap in order to promote market competitiveness. With the aim of knowing and analyzing the state of digital talent in Barcelona, it publishes the study 'Digital Talent Overview 2021' which identifies publications of
reference both locally and internationally that provide reliable indicators for monitoring different parameters related to digital talent; scans different job posting platforms to get market data both in terms of demand and adds the vision of senior management of relevant companies in the industry.

What are the main conclusions?

1. The employment of ICT specialists in Europe is growing 6 times more than in the other professions.

2. The shortage of women in technology remains a challenge for the European economy. Barcelona has 29% women in the digital sector, 2.5 points above 2019.

3. Interest in international mobility is an opportunity for attracting talent. Barcelona remains in the TOP 10, although it loses 5 positions compared to 2018.

4. Digitization and technological skills are at the forefront of the Next Generation fund agenda. In Spain it is 30%, below Germany (50%) and above Italy (27%).

5. Catalonia, a pole of digital talent, with a high concentration in the hub of Barcelona. The ICT sector generated 14,700 jobs in 2020 in Catalonia, reaching a total of 129,000 professionals.

6. 2 out of 10 job vacancies in 2020 were digital. This figure doubles the proportion of 2018, when they accounted for 1 in 10 offers.

7. Barcelona continues to attract talent from other cities, but at a slower pace. More than 24,600 digital professionals in the Barcelona ecosystem come from other cities (29.27%).

8. Wages are competitive. The average salary received by ICT professionals in Barcelona is € 37,692.

You can download the report here .