Logotip de RoboCAT
Logotip de RoboCAT. Author: El Racó dels Robotaires. License: All rights reserved.

Robocut is the first robotic open championship of Catalonia. It is organized by the association 's Corner Robotaires dedicated to educational robotics and technology projects that this event aims to "create a common environment to share ideas with people who have interests in this sphere" and co, "making the accessible and affordable robotics activities by schools and civic. "

C ampionat is a multidisciplinary program that values and construction of the robot, as well as its assembly and decoration of the golf competition. Every year they recreate aspects of the natural and artistic heritage of Catalonia. So, this year will focus genius Figueres Salvador Dalí and Surrealism dream.

The competition will consist of regional and final stages:

  • Robocut Barcelona: Thursday 20 April 1730 at 20.00 pm at the Ateneo Manufacturing Ciutat Meridiana
  • Robocut Mataro: Friday 21 April 1730 at 20.00 am in Mataro TecnoCampus
  • Robocut Girona: Saturday 29 April from 9:00 to 14:00 pm in the School ponds Platja d'Aro
  • Robocut 2017 Grand Final: Saturday May 27, at the Municipal Hall Vilablareix (Girona), in the framework of the 3rd edition of the Girona + technology.

They can participate in three categories:

  1. Primary Category: born in 2005 or
  2. Secondary Category: born between 2004 and 1999
  3. Category Adults: from 18 years

To participate please / the participants build their robot with Lego elements of the marks, Arduino, etc. BitBloq This robot must be dressed in a suit related to the figure of Salvador Dalí. The size of the robot must be maximum 30 cm wide and 30 cm long. On the same page of the competition, you can download the document from the construction field where there will be tests. This document consists of a test to follow some lines or dashed, a maze test, a test of bascule bridge and a test of colored cubes.