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Respect for creating and sharing, axis of the Safer Internet Day

Posted on 11/01/2018
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Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day, for IS4K. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On Tuesday February 6, Safer Internet Day will be held around the world, which aims to promote a safe and positive use of digital technologies, especially among children and young people.

Organized by INSAFE/INHOPE, with the support of the European Commission, this day brings together millions of people with the objective of promoting positive changes and awareness about Internet security, carrying out different events and activities. The motto of this year's edition will be "Create, connect and share respect: A Better Internet Starts With You".

Each participating country has an impelling organization. In the case of Spain is Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K), which is the Internet Security Center for minors. IS4K organizes a contest aimed at schools and awareness and training workshops for the educational community (students, families and teachers).

You can stay informed on Facebook and Twitter and by following the hashtags # SID2018 and #SaferInternetDay .