Imatge del projecte
Post to 13/10/2020
El projecte internacional recopila material informàtic per a l'educació digital dels nens i nenes de països que ho necessiten.
Dia de l'Internet Segura 2020
Post to 13/01/2020
Tuesday, February 11, will be the Safe Internet Day 2020 to promote the safe and positive use of digital technologies,...
Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia sobre el 'Nadal Tecnològic' de Sabadell
Post to 23/12/2019
From 2 to 3 January Sabadell will host the 3rd. edition of the 'Christmas Technology' , an interactive exhibition of innovative technological tools to discover the...
Nens i nenes de l'Òmnia Espronceda realitzen un taller per aprendre jugant la història, cultura i tradicions, art, esports i gastronomia de diferents països del món a través d'Internet
Post to 19/07/2019
The Punt Òmnia Espronceda de Sabadell has done a workshop with children to learn by playing the history, culture and traditions, art, sports and gastronomy of different countries around the world through the Internet.
Impressora 3D
Post to 06/06/2019
The Punt Òmnia Marianao organizes a workshop on the use of 3D printers to increase motivation and creativity in the educational field.
Safer Internet Day
Post to 11/01/2018
On Tuesday February 6, Safer Internet Day will be held around the world, which aims to promote a safe and positive use of digital technologies, especially among children and young...
Students. Frame of the Code Club course's video
Post to 04/01/2018
Code Club is a worldwide network of volunteers and educators that organize free programming clubs for children ages 9 to 13. Those interested in joining it can participate in the...
Imatge d'obertura del vídeo "Black Stories"
Post to 17/06/2016
Black Stories, is the experience of a group of children from 10 to 12 years to talk about their fears, expressed through short 5 minute and a half.
Bloc de recursos TIC per a infants
Post to 13/04/2016
The point Omnia Santa Coloma de Cervello and space Klaus's want to share with you a block of technological resources aimed at children aged 7 to 10 years. These activities are used in their daily activities.
Nens programant amb Scratch. Foto per: Coderdojo Brianza. Font: Flickr.
Post to 22/09/2015
El centre de coworking Makers of Barcelona i Scratch Barcelona es sumen a la CodeWeek! Per celebrar la setmana del codi, han preparat un taller gratuït d'Scratch adreçats a nens i nenes de 8 a 12 anys. ...
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