Students. Frame of the Code Club course's video
Code Club offers training to people who want to turn on a coding club. Author: Future Learn. License: All rights reserved.

This is a brief course, which aims to give the confidence and skills needed to run a code club and motivate the next generation with computer and digital creation. It will be developed over three weeks through the Future Learn platform and will be taught in English. The trainer will be Sarah Sheerman-Chase of Code Club UK.

Participants will receive practical advice and suggestions from volunteer people, teachers and the Code Club team and explore the free resources provided by this initiative. Specifically, the program will be this:

  • Step by step instructions to start your code club.
  • Creation of an action plan to set up a code club.
  • Design and delivery of the first session with young people.
  • Ideas and tips on how to motivate students and celebrate their achievements.

On Monday, January 8th, an edition of the course begins. You're still in time to join! If you find it too precipitate, another edition is scheduled for February 5.

You will find all the information regarding the course and the registration process in this link.