Training ICT Capsules at the Palau ICT Point

ICT can help facilitate and stimulate learning, and an example is the three apps that people using the Punt TIC Palau have known in the Càpsules TIC training to promote knowledge of the environment.

An app to detect mountains

PeakLens is a must-go mountain app that uses augmented reality and virtual reality for mountain lovers, hikers, trekkers. With just a mobile camera, you can see the name of the peaks of a territory and their height, as well as the distance at which they are located. It has several buttons, including three circles that are used to adjust the distance of the peaks you want to see. You can find it for Android .

An app to detect birds according to their song

BirdNET is an app for recognizing bird species through sound. It was designed by an international interdisciplinary team of biologists and engineers through the funding of a European project. Its servers store millions of audio recordings of the sounds emitted by thousands of bird species. You can find it for Android .

An app to identify plants

Pl @ ntnet is a tool to help identify plants through photographs. It is organized in different themes and geographical flowers. You can find it for Android or iOS and it can also be used through the web browser.