The 42 programming campuses in Madrid, Malaga, Urduliz (Bizkaia) and Barcelona host the second 'Piscine Discovery Women's Edition'. A free and face-to-face training for women to learn how to code. Open registrations.

This September, the programming campuses of the Telefónica 42 Foundation (Madrid, Málaga, Urduliz (Bizkaia) and Barcelona) are convening a new 'Piscine Discovery' for all those women interested in making the leap into the world of programming and web development

For five days, participants will experience first-hand the day-to-day life of a student on campus, while learning different programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and enhancing transversal skills such as teamwork and problem solving. In addition, activities are organized to give a voice to both students and female leaders in the technological field.

The requirements to access it are to be over eighteen years of age and no qualification or previous training is necessary. The Barcelona edition will be held from Monday 19 to Friday 23 September , at 9.00 am. Here you can find more information and register. Here you can find more information and register.