Peerpod és un projecte que neix per a oferir un espai virtual segur on els i les estudiants puguin ser agents actius del seu aprenentatge amb la seva pròpia veu, compartint coneixement, experiències i interessos a través dels pòdcasts.

. Author: Peerpod. 2021.

The aim of this new application, which will be available soon, is for students and teachers to create content, share it and establish a space for communication and collaboration in their classroom. The project presented by Aina Serra , lecturer and student at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), has been one of the eight finalists in the SpinUOC 2022 entrepreneurship program.

The essence of the App is to promote the use of podcasts in educational learning and make students the protagonists with their own voice and opinions, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, oratory and ability. of debate and listening. The pre-launch will be announced soon and you can stay up to date on the activities via this form .