Woman working with a computer
Woman working with a computer. Font: European Parliament (Flickr).

The Prize Women and Technology will be awarded in March 2017 by the Foundation Orange, as part of the "Encuentros de mujeres transforman el mundo", organized by the city of Segovia. She will receive a diploma and a prize of 4,000 euros for the project in which she works.

The award is aimed at women technologists who engage in social projects and its objective is to improve the quality of life of people. It is also aimed at women, although not technologists, using new technologies to work in social projects.

Nominations can be made by the woman herself,by responsibles of networks and thematic groups of research in the field of technologies, by nonprofits or other entities. Nominations should include relevant information about the candidate, as well as a brief presentation in Spanish, video or written, about the work and the results achieved by the candidate. The curriculum is also required.

All the necessary documentation relating to the prizes will be sent through the website of the awards before 24:00 pm on Sunday 22 January 2017. The announcement of the awards will be resolved before Wednesday 1 March.