Banner Technovation Girls 2022
Technovation Girls 2022. Author: Spiral Association, Education and Technology. 2022. License: BY-SA.

The Associació Espiral, Educació i Tecnologia , as the ambassador of the Technovation Girls program in Catalonia , is organizing the new season of Technovation Girls Catalonia 2022. This year all those interested in inspiring technology and entrepreneurship in teams made up of girls are invited to participate. and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18 .

The 2021 season saw the participation of 118 teams of 404 girls aged 10 to 18 who presented their technological solutions to a social problem, despite the confinement, as well as their mentors and the global jury.

What does Technovation Girls offer?

  • Continuous support and accompaniment through digital channels (twitter, instagram, telegram, moodle classroom), through which we will form a learning community for mentors.
  • Mentoring / mentoring sessions where information is provided on the program, goals and objectives, the role of mentor, the value of teamwork and with mentors and technologies to develop the mobile application (configuration of the equipment, tools and tutorials available)
  • Exclusive training on the four pillars of the project, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and communication.
  • Special tips and advice from expert Coaches to help us tackle the Technovation Girl challenge.

Are you interested?

Technovation Girl is a very exciting challenge. It is a competition that goes further, showing the youngest that they are also protagonists in the field of technology and business. For more information, you can contact the project at . You can stay informed on the Telegram channel .