Robobo is a robot of Galician origin that allows students over the age of fourteen to learn robotics independently. Do you want to know how?

Image of the Robobo robot
Image of the Robobo robot. Font: The Robobo Project. License: All rights reserved.

To learn educational robotics in the classroom with Robobo , only three items are needed: a Robobo base, a smartphone, and a computer. The first thing to do is to download and install the free App on a mobile phone. Then, turn on the robot base and link it to your phone via Bluetooth. Finally, place the phone in the base and start programming from the computer via Wi-Fi connection and without cables.

A robot aimed at middle and high school students

Robobo is aimed primarily at high school and high school students who already have some experience in robotics and programming and who need to give their academic education a boost. Through the teaching material of the project, they will be able to learn the basic concepts of artificial intelligence applied to robotics, using their own phone as the core of the robot.

The robot can be programmed through a Linux, Windows or Apple computer. The only requirement is that both the computer and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It uses open source libraries and tools. Through this link you can download the technical specifications.