The Cibernàrium de Barcelona Activa makes available to citizens a self-diagnostic test so that they can assess their level of digital skills, with which you can catch up for free.

Barcelona Activa digital skills test banner
Barcelona Activa digital skills test banner. Font: Cybernárium de Barcelona Activa. License: All rights reserved.

Last October, the MediaTIC area of the Cibernàrium hosted the third edition of the Digital Skills Congress to debate the present and future of the digital sector. The event was organized by Barcelona Activa, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Open University of Catalonia, Blanquerna – Ramon Llull University and the i2CAT Foundation.

During the session, Barcelona Activa presented its new digital skills self-assessment test , which allows anyone to measure their level of competence in the digital and technological sector. The test consists of questions about the 19 digital skills that pose real and close scenarios. The duration is variable depending on your knowledge. In addition, you will be able to download a report in .pdf format with the level achieved by each of the digital skills and access the activities taught in the Cybernetium that best suit your knowledge.

How does the test work?

The test consists of questions about the 19 digital skills that pose real and close scenarios. Knowledge questions are always asked about the digital competency in question and, if the knowledge questions are answered correctly, questions are asked about the attitude one has about each competency. You can access it through this link .

The number of questions to answer will depend on the number of correct questions you get. At most you will have to answer 95 questions and at least 57 . A progress bar will indicate whether 30%, 60%, 90% or the total questions to be answered have already been obtained. You will find 3 answer options for each question : option A, option B and I don't know.

The practical part is not evaluated in the questions, so you need to understand the test results. What is assessed is knowledge and attitude, but the procedure (the practical part of the competition), must be trained with the trainings that are recommended afterwards. Once you have passed the test, the application will show you your level of competence for each of the 5 thematic areas and you can download a document with the results report .

Based on this report, you will be able to access a recommendation of personalized and free activities to train the digital skills you consider necessary to improve. All the information in this link .