The participation of women in the technology sector is a minority, especially in the telecommunications sector, programming and related activities and information and communications. Not so much in the information services sector, where women represent 45% of the workforce.

Women in the technology sector
Women in the technology sector. License: BY-SA.

The technology sector comprises four major areas of employability. They are the Information and Communications sector, the Telecommunications sector, the Information sector and the Programming sector and related activities. But what percentage are there women? We collect some data from the Datalab de la Ciba project , Resource space for women from the Santa Coloma de Gramenet City Council . Public datasets have been collected and published in open format on the Open Data Women web repository to make it easier for everyone to reuse the data.

The data analyzed during the first quarter of 2021 says that the sector with the lowest percentage of women is the Programming and Services sector and is around 27% , 46 points below men. The second sector is Telecommunications , where they are around 31% , 60 points below men. The third sector with the lowest percentage of women in the total number of people who provide service in the Information and Communications sector is around 32% , 36 points below men. Finally, the sector where we find a higher percentage of women is that of Information Services , where they are around 46% , just 9 points below men.