The project was carried out jointly with the Association of Companies of New Technologies of Girona (AENTEG), which called on the companies of the technological sector , facilitators of innovation to companies of other sectors, so that they could To propose business challenges with which to work co-creation processes, collaboration and open innovation . Among the proposals received, the selected one was presented by the company CódigoTramuntana , established in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona.

The CodeTramuntana proposal consisted of gathering new ideas and solutions to incorporate in the development of a new networking tool , a mobile application that complemented and brought value to the Suitevent app, a consolidated application in the market for the organization of events The process, based on the co-creation methodology, developed by the company Co-creable, consisted of several stages of creation: design, knowledge, co-creation and evaluation.

The result was a premise based on the knowledge generated in this process and a roadmap of how to be the product to carry out the programming tasks of the application that, according to those responsible for Tramuntana Code, will be launched shortly in the market .

The project ' ExperienceLabGi! 'was selected in the call for grants of the support program for singular projects of economic development . The cost of the project was funded with own funds from the City Council of Girona and the financial aid of the Diputació de Girona.

Thanks to the good reception of this first edition, a new 'ExperienceLabGi!' Will be carried out throughout 2019. The initiative, which has also been selected in the call for singular projects of the Diputació de Girona, is currently in the research phase of projects between the technological companies associated to AENTEG, either for own projects or for projects that develop for other companies in other productive sectors.