The contest advocates for a more inclusiv technological change and digital transformation. In a seminar held in Athens on 28 February, they have announced the public call, which will award three prizes of 50 thousand euros for the best ideas for digital inclusion. The period for participation expires on 7 April.

The European Social Innovation Contest in 2017 focuses on digital inclusion
The European Social Innovation Contest in 2017 focuses on digital inclusion. Author: Comissió Europea. License: All rights reserved.

The European Commission launches the fifth edition of the European Social Innovation Competition. Organized since 2012 in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, the contest encourages all Europeans to find solutions to problems facing our society. This year, the theme proposed is: "Equality rebooted".

The organization justifies this issue explaining the current situation as follows: "The European societies are changing rapidly due to technological changes. Trends such as digitization and automation are changing the way we live and work, remodeling market work and the economy. The digital business, creative industries, high-tech manufacturing and knowledge-intensive services are creating value for the economy to grow, leading and taking advantage of technological changes. But also opening a gap between people with the skills and opportunities to take advantage of this transformation and people who can not do so. The rising income inequality reflects this trend."

The European Commission  believes and trusts tath social innovation can shape a different future, achieving that economic growth not only benefit a some lucky ones, but it offers opportunities for everyone. Thus, the European Social Innovation Contest 2017 aims to "reboot equality", inspiring new approaches to digital inclusion, connectivity and development of skills.

The competition is open to individuals, groups and organizations in the European Union and the countries participating in the European program Horizon 2020. The deadline for participation is Friday, April 7, 2017 at 12:00 pm.

For more information, rules and registration form at this link.