As usual, it is becoming more and more common to turn to online shopping to save time in Christmas shopping, but it is also a time when cyber attacks surface. Take note of these Safe Internet tips.

Cybersecurity tips for Christmas shopping
Cybersecurity tips for Christmas shopping. 2022. Font: Pexels.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed quickly, and almost without realizing it we are already in Christmas. As every year, online shopping will be the chosen way for a large majority of us to get Christmas presents. However, it is necessary to take extreme precautions regarding online purchases on the Internet to avoid being victims of fraud. Safe Internet gives you some tips to avoid scares in your purchases and fight against these illegal practices. You can find all the information and resources of the campaign under the hashtag #DigitalsiProtegits .

Survival guide to avoid scares and cyber scams when shopping online

This guide consists of safe online shopping tips to avoid pitfalls during seasonal shopping dates (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas) when cyber scams increase. You can find it here .

Secure online shopping with card

Reinforce the security of your cards when shopping online and learn to prevent scares by means of the functions that today's bank cards make available to their holders. Access the article here .