Image of the Citizen Ecosystem for Digital Rights project
Image of the Citizen Ecosystem for Digital Rights project. Author: Ajuntament de Barcelona. 2021. License: All rights reserved.

This project will carry out a mapping to give visibility to everything that citizens are doing in the field of defense and promotion of digital rights. The information collected will be returned through an open web repository.

The process will end with a public presentation to make the initiatives known to the public and to create synergies between the various groups and active people involved. The total collection of initiatives will also be presented to the rest of the Cities for Digital Rights network in order to become a reference for other cities and establish collaborations.

¿How to participate?

The project is open to people, groups, entities or companies active in the field of digital rights. You only have to send up to a maximum of three initiatives already carried out in Barcelona or from Barcelona that help to understand or develop one or more of the following areas.

  1. Universal and equal access to the Internet - Net neutrality.
  2. Digital privacy and data protection.
  3. Ethics of algorithms.
  4. Electronic democracy and digital distributed governance.
  5. Access to knowledge and information for open digital protocols. Digital as a form of access and expansion of fundamental rights.

To participate you have to fill out the following form. The call is open from January 19 to March 21, 2021.