Two years of work, with different groups of digital facilitators, are about to end. Four members of Telecentre-Europe (Interface3, COMMET, Telecenter and Colectic), together with the University of Dortmund, have worked on the development of a new curriculum to provide training on Coding and the efficient use of Mobile Devices in education in the framework of telecentres or Punt TIC.


Some of the Punt TIC of Catalonia, thanks to the collaboration of the Punt TIC Network and their managing entities, have contributed to evaluating and improving the proposals:

In this video you will find a summary of the proposal generated by the different partners of the consortium:

CodeMob now begins the broadcast phase. We want to share our effort and our learning. Thanks to CodeMob you can:

  • Learn how to implement Coding activities (programming) at your telecentre.
  • Learn how to implement training actions around the effective use of mobile devices for the learning and job placement of young people.

As an important output of the project, 4 curricula are about to be published, as well as two formative training proposals. Do you want to know about them?

  1. Visit the resources section of the website where you will find the drafts (the final versions are about to be published)
  2. Record yourself in the virtual platform to access the two trainers training proposals . All the material is open and you just have to register on the platform.

In addition, you will have 4 CVs:

  1. Programming : training curriculum for promoters and digital trainers and training curricula for end users, focused on the learning of young people (both in downloadable format)
  2. Effective use of mobile devices : training curriculum for dynamic and digital trainers and training curricula for end-users, focused on the learning of young people (both in downloadable format)

Follow the news on this page, we will soon publish a guide that will help us to understand how we can work with these materials.

CODEMOB is a project financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

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