Post to 30/10/2017
Two years of work, with different groups of digital facilitators, are about to end. Four members of Telecentre-Europe (Interface3, COMMET, Telecenter and...
Coding workshop with Scratch
Post to 24/05/2017
During the months of May and June the Punt TIC e-centre Tremp will conduct two workshops related with coding. One of Scratch, in collaboration with primary schools, and other about apps and coding aimed at young people.
Imatge del grup d'estudi CODEMOB
Post to 19/09/2016
A group of Punt TIC network facilitators participated in classroom training in Croatia, organized within the framework of CODEMOB (Coding and Mobile).
Post to 16/02/2016
CODEMOB is a European project that will offer free training for youth programming and use of mobile devices and digital skills key to the future.
Logotip de Codemob
Post to 13/01/2016
CodeMob is a project designed to improve the acquisition of key digital skills in the context of ICT telecentres or point. This objective is twofold: firstly, we would like to develop the digital skills of unemployed young people, through...
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