CODEMOB. Author: El Teb. 2015. License: BY-NC-ND.

60 young unemployed in Belgium, Croatia, Hungary and Spain, 15 in each country, can participate in this learning experience in a program designed and taught by facilitators digital. Currently, it is developing the agenda, and the authors have designed a survey to better understand the needs, interests and expectations of these young people.

Through this form -disponible in different languages-, the European project approaches and asks young opinion about how to structure their studies and on their interest in participating in this international opportunity. It is anticipated that training is done through an online training platform, and in the different languages ​​of the project participants, such as Catalan and Spanish.

This opportunity aims to meet the present and future needs of the labor market, since soon 90% of jobs in all sectors, will require a certain level of digital skills. The program is a way to teach algorithmic and computational thinking and a catalyst of thought that combines creativity with structured approach, efficiency and capacity planning. The effective use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can greatly enhance the learning and personal development, social skills, connectivity, and ultimately the ability to find a good job. The Association for Young Teb , in collaboration with the Red Point ICT project managers are partners in our country.

If you are responsible for dynamic digital Telecentre help us reach young! They just have to fill out the survey and will be directed towards a digital future.