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The telecentre of Tremp promotes coding and the use of mobile phones among young people

Posted on 24/05/2017
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Coding workshop with Scratch
Coding workshop with Scratch, for e-centre Tremp. 2017. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

During the months of May and June the Punt TIC e-centre Tremp will conduct two workshops related with coding. One of Scratch, in collaboration with primary schools, and other about apps and coding aimed at young people.

Scratch workshop is aimed at students of primary schools in TRemp. The idea is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Scratch, and therefore use the platfomr to create games and activities.

The other workshop is aimed at young people aged 16 to 29. Tehy will learn about the use of smartphones and coding of mobile applications.

All aim to disseminate and publicize coding and prove it can be very fun. And yet could find vocations that lead to request training in this area.

For more information, see the website of the e-center Tremp or posters of the activities available here below.

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