The Secretaria de Polítiques Digitals de la Generalitat de Catalunya and the Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia have officially presented the Manifest dels Drets Digitals de la Infància i l’Adolescència at the MUHBA.

Last Tuesday, March 19, the Secretaria de Polítiques Digitals of the Departament d’Empresa i Treball of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the collaboration of the Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia, presented the Manifest dels Drets Digitals de la Infància i l’Adolescència. The event, which took place from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Sala Martí l’Humà of the Museu d’Història de Barcelona MUHBA, which is located in Plaça del Rei without a number in the city of Barcelona, had the participation of Andrea Molina, Claudia Moreno, Eraide Muñiz, Ingrid Grabenbauer and Rim El Khamlichi from the Consell Nacional de la Infància i l’Adolescència de Catalunya and Helena Prosser, Lluc Cardona, Lluc Fischer, Lucia Rivero, Roger Altimira and Teo Puigdevall of the Institut Escola Costa i Llobera. Liliana Arroyo, sociologist, specialist in digital social innovation and general director of Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya, also participated, Judith Jacovkis, professor in the Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa de la Universitat de Barcelona and member of the groups of research Esbrina and GEPS and Genís Margarit, telecommunications engineer, cybersecurity expert and professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, as well as several facilitators and researchers at the Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia.

During the presentation, the creation process was shared, the final document was read and a panel discussion with experts was held. Specifically, 162 children and adolescents have been part of the process, where they have explained their experiences, expressed their perceptions and expressed their opinion on the protection and privacy of personal data, autonomy and support, training on digital tools, social networks and access to digital devices and the Internet. The Manifest dels Drets Digitals de la Infància i l’Adolescència collects specific demands addressed to public administrations, educational centers, educational agents and families and calls for more understandable, clear and accessible communication, constructive alternatives instead of prohibitions and impediments and security measures on social networks and the Internet.

The Manifest dels Drets Digitals de la Infància i l’Adolescència is part of the Carta Catalana per als Drets i per a les Responsabilitats Digitals, a project, of a participatory nature, which is under constant review and improvement and which aims define a regulatory and democratic framework to guarantee human rights in the digital age. Along these lines, last year, the results of the Informe de Drets Digitals de la Infància i l’Adolescència were presented, which was the result of participatory dynamics with 854 children and adolescents aged 7 to 17 from 18 Catalan educational centers with different socio-economic realities.

Interested persons can join through this link online.