Imatge per difondre l'STEM Women Day
Imatge per difondre l'STEM Women Day. Author: Flickr. 2020. License: BY-SA.

Women continue to experience gender inequality and discrimination . There are still many areas where women are a minority. One is the STEM sector , where it is difficult to find women not only among companies and management positions, but also in classrooms.

To alleviate this situation, on Wednesday March 4, STEM Women Day is celebrated in the Vertex Building of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) to create a joint action plan between all the institutions and organizations that support the field STEM and women.

What holds girls back from studying STEM careers?

Despite great achievements throughout history, gender inequality is present in many areas that are traditionally considered more "masculine".

This is the case in virtually every university where technology , science , engineering or math degrees are offered.

The lack of women in these careers is not due to natural factors. Gender roles, stereotypes, and social impositions and / or expectations have perpetuated this situation.

Normalizing the fact that there are few girls in the most technological and scientific fields subsequently results in a lack of professors and researchers in companies, universities and other institutions and is a vicious circle that needs to be broken.

The 'STEM Women Day' has two main approaches . The first is to visualize and value the data of STEM professionals , in order to highlight the great female talent that exists, and that is still unknown. The second focuses on exploring new ways to encourage and stimulate STEM careers among girls , and to encourage them to pursue technology-based projects.

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