The young man from Alta Ribagorça participates in actions linked to maker culture such as workshops, sessions and collaborations on robotics, programming and 3D printing. Want to know the details?

Image of the Alta Ribagorça Telecentre
Image of the Alta Ribagorça Telecentre. 2023. Font: Alta Ribagorça telecentre. License: All rights reserved.

On the 25th, 26th and 30th of May and 1st of June, the Telecentre Alta Ribagorça will energize several robotics and programming workshops with the 2nd ESO groups of the Institut del Pont de Suert. The proposal will seek to put into practice the maker culture in a collaborative way with the educational center within a STEAM project, which has included the realization of similar actions during the last years in the framework of social and digital innovation in the region

It is also a group included in the development of these social and digital innovation projects in the region and given that the robots that the Telecentre Alta Ribagorça has had some components that had been broken or lost during the previous years, previously, a challenge was posed to the people participating in the Socio-Educational Intervention Service of Alta Ribagorça. In particular, their support has been counted on to make an inventory of the elements available at the telecentre and a list of the parts of the robots that could have been broken or lost, as well as to carry out the manufacture of some of these In this sense, the new pieces have been created with the 3D printer available at the Alta Ribagorça Telecentre.

Likewise, once again, collaboration between the Alta Ribagorça Telecentre and the Institut del Pont de Suert is planned for the realization of some practices that are part of the school's curricular activity, such as, for example , sessions linked to technology subjects and synthesis or research works, among others.