The Princesa de Girona Foundation, Aula Planeta and offer free training for educators on introduction to programming and computational thinking to apply it in classrooms. Registrations are open.

50 free training grants in computational thinking
50 free training grants in computational thinking. Font: Freepik. License: BY-SA.

This is a 100% online course through's virtual campus. It consists of 8 chapters grouped into 28 lessons, 100 hours of training in digital competence , and includes the development of a tutored project through the methodology. No previous knowledge is needed and, at the end, the participants will be able to use this methodology in the classroom.

What are the requirements?

The training is free for the student and is subsidized by private entities and companies, for the acquisition and improvement of professional skills related to technological changes and digital transformation. In the event of dropping out or not completing the course, the student may be asked to refund 50% of the course: €225.

In addition, you will have to do the 'Hora del Codi' workshop in your classroom in the first three months after the end of the course. The Hour of Code is a practical workshop that will teach you how to do it during the course. In addition, your student will be required to complete a 5-minute survey to measure your impact in the classroom. If you want more information, you can access the teaching plan through this link . To register, you must fill out this form .