Art and science, natural sciences, physics and astronomy, mathematics, environment, chemistry and materials, health and the human body, and technology and society will be the main areas of action. Read more!

Image of the Science Festival
Image of the Science Festival. 2023. Font: Science Festival. License: All rights reserved.

The sixteenth edition of the Science Festival finalizes the last details to offer a diverse, fun and enriching program. The great public meeting with science and research will take place next Saturday, June 10, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and next Sunday, June 11, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Rambla de Prim in the Besòs neighborhood - Maresme of the district of Sant Martí in the city of Barcelona. Also, some proposals will be carried out in the facilities of the Museum of Natural Sciences in the city of Barcelona.

The program of the sixteenth edition of the Science Festival will have more than 170 activities organized by more than 150 organizations in Barcelona and its area of influence. Once again, the Science Festival will propose activities, workshops and dynamics on a wide range of topics such as, for example, climate change, robotics, artificial intelligence, mathematics, the world of data, astronomy, archaeology, health, nanotechnology, maker culture and other transversal aspects such as gender issues or the interrelationship between art and science. Specifically, the event will be located on the first section of the Rambla de Prim in the Besòs - Maresme neighborhood of the Sant Martí district, where twenty-four spaces will be distributed: Copernicus stage, starting point of the itineraries, basic science, live longer and better, puzzles, science games, the environment in balance, living beings, Einstein scenario, small farmers, reading space, Micro Micrarium, explainers, young science, scientific challenges, eco cart, solar observation, space, mathematical challenges, the car of the future, art and science, artistic algorithms, the technological revolution and the Museum of Natural Sciences of the city of Barcelona.