Participants en la JdIS 2017
Post to 10/08/2018
'We will prepare the network for new challenges' will be the motto of the Day of facilitation of the Social Internet 2018. It will take place on Thursday, September 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at...
Presentation of the association in the JdIS 2017
Post to 19/10/2017
A group of e-facilitators of the Òmnia and Punt TIC network have created the Association of Professionals of the Digital Social Dynamization. They announced it on the Social Internet Day on September 21.
JdIS 2016
Post to 06/10/2016
After the compilation of the impact social networks and photo album, we have the official video game of the Social Internet in 2016!
JdIS 2016
Post to 30/09/2016
The Day of Social Internet this year has left many images recorded in the retina of all the ideas, projects and experiences shared at Mobile World Centre. We have collected some with our camera, we hope you enjoy them! In this album you will find a...
Jornada de la Internet Social
Post to 29/09/2016
The Day of the Internet social 28th September filled the room to overflowing from the first hour. A total of 125 people gathered around the social aspect, innovative and made by people on the Internet. We made a compilation of tweets for you to review the conference in full. In this collection you...
JdIS 2015
Post to 05/09/2016
On September 28 we call on the Conference on Social Internet in 2016, the annual meeting of facilitators and ICT professionals linked to the project Xarxa Punt TIC. This year JdIS will focus on new tools, strategies and opportunities for innovation in the...
Call for papers JdIS
Post to 12/07/2016
The Day of Social Internet 2016 will take place on September 28 and we need you! From the Technical Office of the ICT Network Point seek experiences and best practices to share with your and your companions. The deadline for submitting proposals is 20 July...
Ian Clifford, fundador de You Rock.Jobs, a la JdIS
Post to 23/01/2015
Dimecres 21 de gener dinamitzadors/ores, altres persones vinculades a la Xarxa Punt TIC i gent interessada en les TIC i la innovació social van participar a la Jornada de dinamització de la Internet Social.
Connexió en directe amb la classe 6è B de l'escola d'O Porriño
Post to 22/01/2015
De les 10 obres participants, el jurat ha triat com a guanyadora del Narratives digitals per a la prevenció de la violència masclista un vídeo realitzat per...
Fotografia del perfil del Twitter de Jordi Silvente
Post to 19/12/2014
La periodista Sonia Marquès Camps va publicar al seu blog una entrevista al president de Cowocat i co-fundador...
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