JdIS 2015
JdIS 2015. Author: Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa Punt TIC. 2015. License: BY-NC-SA.

The JdIS take place at Mobile World Centre (c/ Fontanella, 2 in Barcelona) and now you can sign up for free, until 21 September. Remember that places are limited! This conference convenes experts from different fields around three different axes:

  1.     Strategies for promoting the employability of youth
  2.     New paradigms of economic cooperation and exchange
  3.     Program design and professional future. Programming and Robotics

The conference will be a meeting place for sharing and learning together to continue building the strategic lines of the future and know the current trends in the ICT field. Here's the program:

  •  9.30h. Reception of participants.
  • 10.00h .  Welcome Mr. Jordi Puigneró Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society. Department Chair. Catalonia's Government.
  • 10.15h. New tools, opportunities and strategies for innovation in the digital world. Mr. Ricard Faura, Head of Inclusion and digital training. Department Chair. Catalonia's Government.
  • 10.40h. Strategies for promoting the employability of youth.
    • Changing the paradigm: learning and youth undertaking, ICT and new points employability. Mr. Pablo Muiño, technical innovation and social smart city Sant Feliu Office 2.0.
    • Mobilizing the Youth Guarantee territory. Mr. Isidre Bermúdez, head of training and R & D Recreation Foundation.
  • 11.40h. Coffee networking.
  • 12.10h. New paradigms of economic cooperation and exchange.
    • Community Collaborative Consumption: Kune loan and donation. Andreu Camprubí, head of the Social Risell SCCL, the creator of the app.
    • Ateneus digital manufacturing in Barcelona: an opportunity for innovation management and sharing.
  • 13.10h. Program design and professional future. Programming and robotics.
    • Technovation Challenge #codegirl. Ms. Mireia Coma-Cros, coordinator of programs and communication MindConnex.
    • Open and Creative Meetins. Mr. Ivan Cabeza, manager Programm Punt TIC – Òmnia en Centro Juvenil Martí-Codolar (Salesians).
    •  Imagine and create. Ms. Carme Badia, head of technology at the Temps.
  • 14.10h. Closing the morning.
  • 16.00h. Professional meetings and workshops aimed at facilitating digital people, facilitators and trainers.
    • Training and entrepreneurship in adults. New workgroup. Dynamize: Ms. Nuria Lloret technical projects Granollers market.
    • Security and Technology: mobilizing citizens. Working Group. Dynamize: Mr. Luismi Castillo, technical projects Teb.
    • Videogames: a changing world. Workshop on how to create a game using the Unity Engine. Through this space is intended to raise awareness regarding the benefits offered by video games in relation to the new changes taking place, as well as strengthen the presence of women player in new business models. Workshop leader: Gisela Vaquero, Game Designer.

The evening program is reserved for meetings and workshops between digital enablers, facilitators and people that specialize in training citizens. We encourage you to come and share with us a new edition of the Social Internet! We need to have a strong network and creative!