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Masterclass amb Liliana Arroyo sobre innovació social digital
| Event Date: 05/10/2021
Post to 01/10/2021 | Event Date: 05/10/2021
El dimarts 5 d'octubre, el Cibernàrium acull una masterclass sobre innovació social digital amb Liliana...
Acte d'inauguració del Centre d'Alt Rendiment en esports electrònics de Sant Feliu
Post to 12/07/2021
El Centre d'Alt Rendiment (C.A.R) en esports electrònics HERON Sant Feliu és una iniciativa pionera en tractar-se d’uns dels primers CAR’s d’eSports...
Canòdrom de la Meridiana
Post to 08/02/2021
The Canòdrom de la Meridiana - Ateneu d'Innovació Democràtica de Barcelona begins a new stage by launching a public call for residencies aimed at people and organizations to develop creation and research...
Digital social innovation from the hand of facilitators Punto TIC
Post to 08/02/2021
We spoke with Mercè Fort from the SmartCentre in Santa Bárbara and Esther Gibert from Punto TIC Palau who explained to us how they understand and practice digital social innovation at their points.
Robotics and programming in Alta Ribagorça
Post to 02/02/2021
After a time marked by the Covidien-19 pandemic, restrictions, confinements, etc. The Alta Ribagorça ICT Point and the region's teaching centers restart the cycle of robotics and programming sessions that will take place in all primary and secondary schools.
Train with Punt TIC from home
Post to 30/04/2020
From the Technical Office we stay at home with you and offer you new courses through our CampusLAB: tools for teleworking, digital rights and responsibilities and...
El congrés ITA-Barcelona es va celebrar entre el 27-28 de novembre de 2019
Post to 12/02/2020
The ITA-Barcelona congress was held from 27 to 28 November to exchange knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of new forms of work...
Imatge del congrés ITA-Barcelona 2019
Post to 06/11/2019
The ITA-Barcelona congress will be held from 27-28 November and aims to exchange knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of new forms of work and Social Digital Innovation in the 4th...
Jornada Territorial a la Seu d'Urgell
Post to 30/09/2019
On Thursday, September 19th , activists, promoters and other agents of the Punt TIC Network attended a new territorial meeting in La Seu d'Urgell at...
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