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You have three hours? Be Judge virtual Technovation Challenge!

Posted on 07/04/2017
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Participants del Technovation Challenge
Participants del Technovation Challenge, for Technovation. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Technovation Challenge offers women around the world the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and leading technology. The year 2017 is coming to the end and looking for people to review and mobile applications they are developing plans to employ youth groups and suggest improvements.

/ The virtual judges Technovation review mobile applications and business models created by equipment Technovation to solve problems in their communities. Your comments and suggestions will help young "entrepreneurs" to better prepare and learn from experience.

To judge does not have to be a specialist in technology. The girls work on issues of problem solving, communication, marketing, business plan and prototype apps. All the works are presented in English. Neither should have been a mentor for the challenge to be virtual judge. It takes just wanted "to join the community and change the lives of thousands of women worldwide."

/ The judges must commit to devote three hours proejcte between 26 April and 14 May.

Those interested in making judges should register via this link .

In Spain, 367 girls between the ages of 10 and 18 have created an application that solves a social problem, through their involvement in Technovation Challenge, experience and technology emprendedoría. The solutions are inspired by six of the challenges for the sustainability of the UN: Poverty, Environment, Peace, Equity, Education and Health. Globally, involved more than 11,000 children and young people in more than 120 countries. Virtual judge means the opportunity to positively impact and inspire these young girls.