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In the context of youth employment initiative implemented by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia Department of Employment, Social Affairs and Family of the Generalitat of Catalonia during the year 2015- 2016, we tested a new methodology of work was formed as an integral program. The result of that experience with a very good reception and evaluation by both the users and beneficiaries, and the contributions of these, born announcement for 2017.

The program aims, through a process of personalized guidance and support to explore what are the interests and motivations of the participants, guiding their careers education / training and professional future and run their own life project professional and flexible with a range of services tailored to your needs, to be inserted in the labor market or return to the education system.

As part of this program will work the potential of the person carrying out activities of teaching, guidance, knowledge and exploration of the workplace, training and integration, tailored to the needs of each person. All tasks are those that are active in the execution of his professional life project and facing its insertion in the labor market and / or to continue training or return to education, with an intense process accompanying individual and supervised.

May be beneficiaries of these grants the following types of organizations legally constituted and operating in Catalonia establishment:

  1. Entities owned by public or private nonprofit.
  2. Local authorities or agencies involved.
  3. Labor unions and patronals.

Applications must be submitted until 22 December (inclusive).

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