Catosfera 2019
Catosfera 2019. Author: Catosfera. License: All rights reserved.

The auditorium Josep Irla de Girona is the venue chosen for the oncena Catosfera , the annual conferences of the Catalan Internet. This is the fifth year that La Catosfera takes place in the city and has the collaboration of the City Council of Girona.

The proposal this year presents a diverse program that will allow to focus on different topics of current importance and great relevance, such as the conjunction between communication and the Internet in areas such as series , humorous current , visual art , the SEO or clickbait . Speakers such as journalist and communicator Elisenda Carod, actor Pau Vinyals, consultant and SEO manager Annabel Teixidó or the co-director of Seriados Betu Martínez will participate.

Thus, the Catosfera will begin on October 17 with the aimed at young people from Girona institutes who will experiment with programming, music and art and will enjoy the live program Popap de Catalunya Ràdio , directed and presented by Mariola Dinarès .

This year, the novelty INCORPORATED SEODay a morning of talks about different SEO strategies with top professionals.

The ticket is free and can be purchased through the website, where you will also find all the programming .