Creative CV in IMO Lleida
Creative CV in IMO Lleida.

"If you know how to create a CV and organize it, but you want to improve the presentation and design of it you can choose from lots of programs that are offered for free on the net." Tahats how IMO Lleida explains the initiative.

Some tools provide a result that resembles the basic CV that we can write with a word processor, but there are more spectacular results capable of creating infographics, or even motion graphics. In addition, the online tools allow you to access, review, update and send your CV from any device immediately and share it on social networks.

Punt TIC IMO Lleida offers to its participants the possibility to get to know some of these tools and the potential of the network to choose the one that best suits the needs and personality of each. They organize four workshops focusing on different tools. All workshops will take place from 10.30 to 12.00 during the first week of July.

CV creative workshops IMO Lleida

Registration can be done in the IMO (Plaça Rosa Sensat N.1, 25005, Lleida), by phoning 973 242 000 or sending an email to imo [at]