The Barris Open Network is a project of with the collaboration of the Canòdrom Ateneu d'Innovación democratica de Barcelona, which helps people who present violations of the right to access the Internet and/or digital technologies .

The aim of the project is to help people have a quality Internet connection , with a social and community base. It focuses on the neighborhoods of La Sagrera, Navas, Congrés and the Indians. During the first phase of the project in 2022, 11 family or cohabitation units that already enjoy connection and access to the internet have benefited. The initiative offers co-responsibility in the management of this access.

The eXO .cat and team made technical visits to the homes of these families to check the viability of the service and establish an agreement on good use of the network and commitment to the project on the part of the people beneficiaries

"The second part of the project will be to explain to them the roadmap for next year. They will continue to have connectivity, we will be able to solve difficulties and evaluate how it will continue. Through the Communalities project of the Generalitat de Catalunya we will try to replicate this in Nou Barris ", explains Efraín Floglia , member of