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The week of robotics in the Punt Tic Palau Falguera

Posted on 14/06/2016
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La setmana de la robòtica al Punt Tic de Palau Falguera
La setmana de la robòtica al Punt Tic de Palau Falguera. 2016. Source: La setmana de la robòtica al Punt Tic de Palau Falguera. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The loan program material Robotic Network Punt Tic is still growing. This time we worked on robotics and programming activities conducted by Sant Feliu Innova with Dot Martin Institute.

During the week of 6 to 10 June and the first secondary school students of the Institute Martí Dot have entered the world of robotics and programming.

During these days have experienced, learned and played. They have built electronic circuits using the littleBits , small electronics parts magnetised to do with imagination. They have learned how to program them using Scratch programming language Visual truly intuitive. At the end of the week, they had their scheduled game of Pong!

This activity has been possible thanks to the project loan robotic material initiated by the ICT Network Point. The facilitators of the network can be ordered free of charge:

  • 4 starter kits electronics (you ttleBits) for 4-12 people each.

  • 3 starter kits programming (l + Arduino ittleBits) for 3-9 people each.

  • Two classroom robotics kits (Scuola Tinkerkit) for 5-15 people each.

We also make available to the entire network a series of educational guides (attached below) to be used for workshops that develop your points. On the one hand, you can access two different guides that include examples of activities with the ittleBits . In addition, we provide an introductory guide to the Arduino with Tinkerkit .

People accessing the loan pledge to contribute their experiences to the rest of the network and share a new activity that will be incorporated in the guidelines. We are collecting experiences and diverse points soon publish a selection of activities available to the entire network.

Want to know more about the week of robotics Tic Palau Fern Point? Read on!

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