Escola Virtual d’estiu Espiral 2016
Escola Virtual d’estiu Espiral 2016. Author: Espiral. 2016. Font: Espiral, Educació i Tecnologia.

It announces the Spiral Association Education and Technology its summer school again this year full of content that can be taken through their virtual environment Moodle. Among the courses offered are in Catalan:

  • Working with mobile devices in the classroom.
  • TAC Tools for inclusion of all students
  • Flipped Classroom, reverses the class!
  • 2.0 Basic Multimedia Scratch!
  • Creative thinking in the classroom
  • Google Apps applied to education.
  • Learning to program Android App Inventor for Android!

In the words of its president, Juan Carlos Palomino:

The teachers have to prepare ourselves, but not enough to the stage that we went to college, but there must be a continuous training that allows us to have the necessary preparation. This message is well understood by some schools and teachers that take advantage of the end of the school year to train and have a good preparation for the new challenges that arise.

According to the association, in the preparation of teachers and trainers is in the section on methodology and technology needed more emphasis and need for the students to be the protagonist of the classroom, leaving to take a passive role. We must stimulate the imagination, logical thinking, problem solving, the ability to learn and especially to teach and create making intensive use of technology.

The offer of the Virtual School Summer 2016 Spiral is available on its website .