A new edition of SEFED has started in Vallsgenera, an occupational training program that uses business simulation as a learning methodology. Know the project!

Participants of the Vallsgenera employment program
Participants of the Vallsgenera employment program. 2022. Font: Vallsgenera. License: BY-SA.

The SEFED (Educational Business Simulation) is a Vallsgenera program which was born in 2009. Since then 315 people have been trained in administrative management and it has achieved an average job placement rate of 66%. More than 200 students have managed to find work afterwards.

The program has 250 companies in Spain and Catalonia and is managed by the Inform Foundation . He works with a methodology that is characterized by the reproduction of real work situations . "Students are responsible for a simulated company where real work situations like those they will find later in the real world of work are reproduced," they explain from Vallsgenera.

An occupational training that guarantees the necessary skills to work in an SME

The training center becomes a simulated company and relates by marketing its products and services, in a virtual market that operates as if it were real. This company is called Ecojust and works by buying and selling its products and having commercial relations with other fake companies. In this way, the students learn to develop the role of administrative staff by being placed in different departments of the company, "from human resources to marketing, through accounting, purchasing and sales, commercial and warehouse".

SEFED has 890 hours of training and 80 hours of work experience . Participants obtain the ADGD308 professional certificate in administrative management activities. This is a program subsidized by the Employment Service of Catalonia and the European Social Fund and mostly responds to unemployed people in a situation of unemployment. In addition, the program fosters international trade in a global network of simulated companies through participation in overseas stays by some of the participants.