The Telecentre Academy of Fundación Esplai has a new proposal for ICT facilitators and educators. It is a cycle with four training courses on online community manager, image editing with GIMP, to create applications with App Inventor, and educational robotics with Arduino. The trainings will start on 24 April.

Training for ICT facilitators and educators, of Fundación Esplai
Training for ICT facilitators and educators, of Fundación Esplai. Author: Acadèmia de Telecentres de la Fundación Esplai. License: All rights reserved.

This is the second training course that launches the Telecentre Academy of Fundación Esplai in 2017. On this occasion offers four modules of 20 hours, which will take place between 24 April and 21 May. The courses will be taught in Spanish and with online format. Will cost 35 euros each. Registration is now open.

The courses taught are:

  • Community manager for telecentros y sociales Entities
  • Edit Images with GIMP
  • Applications built with App Inventor
  • Educational robotics and Arduino