The Good Practice Bank of the Pi i Sunyer Foundation incorporates three projects from the Sant Feliu Innova ICT Point. Want to know what they are?

FEMPower UP Sant Feliu

The Local Government Good Practice Bank promotes improvement and innovation in local councils, through the dissemination of experiences, reflection and the exchange of knowledge on local policies. In this edition, three projects from Sant Feliu Inn related to the Sant Feliu Innova ICT Point have been chosen. The Bank believes that they are replicable and can serve as inspiration for other local governments. They are:

FEMPower UP Sant Feliu

It is the first free and gender-free incubator in the country to be created with the aim of promoting the professional and employment integration of women, trans and non-binary people, including trans-masculine people in the technology sector and, more specifically, in industry. of the video game. This project responds to the problem of existing incubators that, despite being open to everyone, most of those involved are men. From the training and mentoring of experts of international renown, women's teams are created for the production of prototypes that will be presented at an event with communication professionals in the video game industry and investors with the intention of to give media projection to the own program and to the final projects arisen from the course.

Heron Esports Sant Feliu High Performance Center

The High Performance Center (CAR) Heron eSports is an initiative promoted by the City of Sant Feliu de Llobregat which aims to consolidate a center that serves to form teams that can participate in e-sports competitions ( eSports), a competitive discipline that has emerged from the world of video games that has more and more followers around the world, and at the same time serves as a social point for learning and acquiring knowledge about eSports and other fields. such as new technologies, career options in related disciplines, and good use of computer devices. Opened in 2021, the CAR has managed to promote and compete with various eSports teams, as well as becoming a social meeting point and dissemination of knowledge about eSports.

ECO-MEDIA Inclusive training in audiovisual and media creation

ECO-MEDIA is an initiative of the City of Sant Feliu de Llobregat which consists of a training course for young people in the municipality who are unemployed, are out of the education system and have an interest in the field of audiovisual creation and multimedia content. This practice offers its users theoretical and practical training based on the philosophy of learning by doing and individualized support that allows them, over the course of three months, to become competent in all those tools necessary to position themselves in the labor market. audiovisual world, a sector that, with the help of new technologies, is experiencing a period of marked growth. During its first edition, ECO-MEDIA has successfully trained 11 students between 16 and 24 years old.