Typologies of immersive environments
Typologies of immersive environments. Author: Pixabay. 2019. License: BY-SA.

What virtual realities do we know? With this question, TermCAT has published the complete terminology in Catalan on virtual realities and immersive environments. This terminology includes a hundred terms related to virtual reality and augmented reality.

This field is in full expansion and has applications in industrial, scientific, educational and leisure environments. For this reason, in this compilation you will find the basic concepts referring to the typologies of immersive environments, equipment, technical aspects and social and interaction aspects. Each terminology card contains a Catalan denomination; synonyms, if any; equivalents in Spanish, French and English; definition, and explanatory or exemplary notes when deemed appropriate.

You can access the tabs from the topic browser or online dictionary. You will find, among many other concepts, some as interesting as multisensory virtual reality (which offers experiences that recreate the five senses), interactive virtual reality (in which the user is active), cinematic virtual reality (which focuses on experiences of 360-degree, high-quality 3D video) or room-scale virtual reality (which allows setting up an environment where a person can physically move).