Aquesta tardor, la Biblioteca Roca Umbert impulsa formacions tecnològiques presencials i virtuals per a joves i adults. A més, ofereixen un servei amb atenció personalitzada per a resoldre dubtes digitals bàsics i fer tràmits electrònics.

Technological formations
Technological formations. 2020. Font: Pexels. License: BY-SA.

On the one hand, the digital training aimed at an adult audience includes initial and advanced work in the use of the computer (ACTIC) , the mobile phone , design for social networks and workshops for users, bloggers, designers, developers , entrepreneurs and everyone interested in WordPress . You can consult the dates of the sessions and the format (virtual or face-to-face) through this link .

On the other hand, the courses aimed at an audience up to 16 years old are updated periodically and deal with different topics such as experimenting with electronics and educational programming or designing electrical circuits . You can consult the available activities through this link .

If you want more information, you can contact the ICT Point of the Roca Umbert Library via the email address or telephone 93 860 44 50