Ets dona i pertanys al sector tecnològic? Amb l'objectiu de fer públics i visibles els aspectes més rellevants vinculats al desenvolupament professional de les dones en el sector tecnològic, Digitalfems ens conviden a participar en una enquesta anònima.

Survey on women's participation in technology spaces

There is currently little data detailing the status of women in the technology industry. We know, for example, that only 1.6% of female employment is in the digital technology sector in Spain, compared to 5.6% of men.

Digitalfems is encouraged to participate in a survey that will reveal aspects related to the shortcomings of the sector, valued elements or aspects related to economic promotion. Participation is anonymous, no personal data or software will be collected in the participating profiles. In addition, the results will be published in an open format report to facilitate access.