Subsidies to socioeconomic promotion of neighborhoods of Barcelona
Subsidies to socioeconomic promotion of neighborhoods of Barcelona. Author: Twitter de Barcelona Activa. 2017.

They may submit projects to be started in 2017 and have a maximum duration of one year. Can receive up to 80% of the total budget of the project with a maximum amount of 50,000 euros subsidized.

The call includes five categories:

  • Type 1. Individual and collective entrepreneurship: aimed at projects that promote local entrepreneurship. Among others, can be addressed to vulnerable groups and to address identified needs in a particular territory.
  • Type 2. Commercial and cooperative enterprise in the territories: aimed at projects that can stimulate or reinforce those economic agents that generate a positive impact on the territory where they are located.
  • Type 3. Community economies and social innovation: those actions aimed at social economy that provide collective responses to socioeconomic needs and create new relationships between actors of the territories.
  • Type 4. Occupation: projects aimed at boosting employment, intervening on especially vulnerable groups to increase their employability and overcome situations of underemployment and 'working poor'.
  • Type 5. Social and digital Innovation: projects aimed to promote the use of open technology, ethics and distributed to promote new forms of collaboration and innovation to solve social challenges of sustainability and territories.

There may submit projects both individuals and legal entities (associations, foundations, micro and small enterprises, cooperatives, self-employed, etc.) provided they have headquarters or offices in Barcelona.

Find more infomration and all the documentation on this link.