Saba-TIC 2016
Saba-TIC 2016. Author: Sabadell Innovació. 2016. License: All rights reserved.

Saba-TIC seeks to highlight the innovative aspect of Sabadell institutions, and also regional and metropolitan. It also wants to train/inform citizens in this area. The City of Sabadell wants to spread new technologies among young people and children and, in turn, break the digital divide by age or socioeconomic reasons. Saba-TIC works in this regard.

Last year was held the first edition with the attendance of 2,000 people. Now they prepare the second edition, with the desire to "take a step up the first edition, with more group workshops and improving the quality of content". Jardinets de l’Espai Cultura de la Fundació Antiga Caixa Sabadell will be again the venue for the meeting.

There are already some activities scheduled, but they want more. So they make a call to participation to projects on: 3D/4D design and printing, digital manufacturing, digital art, virtual reality, educational robotics, drones, photography 360, home automation, Big Data, etc. They can present proposals to have a display or perform workshops. Organizations and companies interested can fill in this form.