About twenty members of the community of the Xarxa Punt TIC have discovered several initiatives focused on the recycling and reuse of technologies.

Image of virtual meeting
Image of virtual meeting. 2024. Font: Xarxa Punt TIC. License: All rights reserved.

Last Thursday, March 21, the community of the Xarxa Punt TIC, facilitators and management entities, had the opportunity to learn first hand several initiatives focused on recycling and reusing technologies. Specifically, the third virtual meeting of the year 2024 had around twenty participants, including Mònica Acebo from the Direcció General de Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Marisa Gliosca from the Associació Social Andròmines. In the first place, Mònica Acebo from the Direcció General de Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya intervened, who explained an awareness campaign recently launched in the Districte Administratiu of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Acebo explained that the initiative had arisen after learning from the CORETIC project, where the need to reuse mobile devices, the value chain, the procedure and the training had been identified. Acebo commented that as part of the pilot test, two containers had been placed to collect the mobile devices of workers in the Districte Administratiu. Acebo pointed out that the awareness campaign started last June, coinciding with International Environment Day, and that it also included training workshops to inform about the device donation procedure, to learn how to erasure of data and to learn how to repair mobile devices. Acebo added that the first data, which was collected last October, spoke of 186 devices. Acebo closed his speech by inviting people to get involved and collaborate to make the initiative grow more.

In the second place, Marisa Gliosca of the Associació Social Andròmines intervened, who explained the more technical aspects of the awareness campaign. Gliosca detailed the steps that followed from when a phone was dumped into one of the two containers until it was given a second life, such as collection, study and classification, and touched on the data deletion. Finally, a round of questions was opened, where some of the facilitators of the Xarxa Punt TIC raised questions and doubts about the awareness campaign. Finally, it was announced that work was underway on a traveling exhibition with seven informative panels to raise awareness of the devices' environmental footprint.