In particular, twenty-minute interviews are carried out with personalities from Valls and Catalonia who talk about their experiences and experiences in the ICT field. Do not miss it!

Microphone image
Microphone image. 2017. Font: Pixabay. License: BY-SA.

The Collaboratory of the Municipal Institute of Local Development of Vallsgenera has launched a podcast . With the support of Ràdio Ciutat de Valls, the radio initiative talks about social and digital innovation from a perspective linked to entrepreneurship, education and technology. Specifically, ten or twenty minute interviews are conducted with various personalities from Valls and Catalonia who talk about their stories, their experiences and their experiences in the ICT field.

Among the latest interviews carried out in the framework of the radio initiative, there is the conversation with Pere Vidal about the Maker Movement in Tarragona, the talk with Rafel Nualart about the collaborationist in Catalonia, the colloquium with the maker Miquel Parera or the dialogue with the manager of industry 4.0 and circular economy of ACCIÓ Carles Miranda. Previously, the people behind the podcast spoke with Laia Sánchez, technician at Citilab de Cornellà, with Ricard Faura, head of the Inclusion and Digital Training service of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with Rosa Rovira, councilor for Enterprise and Occupancy of Valls City Council and president of Vallsgenera and with Ricard Benítez, technician of the Catlabs program of the Generalitat de Catalunya.