Fotografia de la presentació de la programació de #gòTICestiu19
El Punt TIC - Òmnia gòTIC de Tàrrega presenta la programació d'estiu. Author: Ajuntament de Tàrrega. 2019. License: All rights reserved.

The # GITIC program 19 includes courses on basic computer maintenance, multimedia presentation design with Google Slide, digital photography, privacy management and digital identity, and ICT support and guidance.

Oromí has stated that the iconic reason that leads this summer training offer aims to remember the direct access that is in the upper state bar of the mobile devices and that allows to adjust the brightness and the temperature of the color of the screen. The objective is to represent the gothic vocation of service to the citizens, to clarify the doubts about the use of ICT and put light, while proposing tools, applications and good practices that improve their digital experience.

It also offers up to six rides with mobile devices, to explore their features on the ground and to learn how to use some interesting apps.

Likewise, the weekly offerings of free access and practice, personalized accompaniment and the start of the 16th season of the gòTIC in Ràdio Tàrrega complete the offer, a weekly space that reviews current technology and is They propose web resources and mobile applications.

You can check all the programming of the GòTIC Town Hall of Tàrrega at this link .