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Published the bases for projects of specialization and territorial competitiveness PECT

Posted on 05/09/2019
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Imatge per difondre es les bases per a projectes d'especialització i competitivitat territorial PECT
Imatge per difondre es les bases per a projectes d'especialització i competitivitat territorial PECT, for Pexels. 2019. Licence: BY-SA

The Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat has published the regulatory bases for the selection of projects of specialization and territorial competitiveness (PECT) this year, framed within the strategy of research and innovation for the intelligent specialization of Catalonia (RIS3CAT) and the FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 .

The objective of the PECT (Specialization Projects and Territorial Competitiveness) is to generate a series of new capabilities and resources from those that already exist in the territory through public and non-profit private entities . They articulate around a proposal to improve the competitiveness of a territory and arise as a response to existing needs. Competitiveness must be achieved in accordance with the proposal of the program and through tools of specialization and innovation , in emerging sectors of activity or in emerging others with real and growing force in the territories.

The PECTs must incorporate technological elements in their actions and must use an innovative approach in the reorganization of resources and activities in the territory in which they are carried out. One of the technologies with the greatest capacity for transversal impact is ICT, therefore, any proposal must take into account the impact of these technologies on their development proposal.

These respond to the priorities and objectives of the Operational Program (PO) FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020 , whose objective is the promotion of smart, sustainable growth and integration of the territory , in line with the guidelines set by the Europe 2020 strategy of the European Commission and its transposition in Catalonia, and of the RIS3CAT, the transposition of this strategy of research and innovation for smart specialization (RIS3) to the reality of Catalonia.

The call will remain open until mid-November 2019 and the city councils, county councils and councils may choose to call these projects with the collaboration of nonprofit entities for their execution. The resolution of the submitted applications is expected at the end of the first quarter of 2020 .

For more information, the bases can be consulted through the web portal of the DOGC.


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