The Esplai Foundation and Microsoft are launching a free training proposal to improve youth employability in the field of web programming to hire junior developers and data analytics experts.

Web programming training for young people

This proposal , aimed at young people aged between 16 and 29, was created to expand the impact of the current skills and employability initiatives of the participants through tutored and specialized online training in the programming sector. The aim of the project is to fill the gap between rising youth unemployment in Spain and the needs of technology companies to hire junior developers and experts in data analysis.

What do they offer?

5 possible tutored and free online specialization itineraries through our Training Campus. To choose the modality that best suits the interests of the participant and the demands of the market.
Itinerary 1: Introduction to programming and software design - 3pm
Itinerary 2: Object-oriented development with C # - 60h
Itinerary 3: SQL Databases (MSSQL) - 30h
Itinerary 4: Backend Programming with .NET Core 3.1 - 60h
Itinerary 5: Frontend Development with Angular - 50h

3 support technologies for MTC (Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals) certification based on cloud technology. Includes official Microsoft Learn itineraries.

You will find more information here.