November 30th is International Computer Security Day and from the ICT Point Network we spoke with Raquel Delgado, Director of the Regulatory Compliance Area of the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia about the cyber security sector.

The cyber security sector in Catalonia is in full expansion and this growth is manifested both in the increase in cyber attacks and in the number of companies and the volume of turnover. The latest data published by the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia and ACCIÓ say that, in 2020, there are 361 companies with a presence in Catalonia that employ 6,900 workers and invoice 826 million euros. The sector anticipates an annual growth of 10% until 2026 .

However, the presence of women in leadership positions in this sector is not very positive. Only 14.8% of Catalan cyber security companies have female participation on their boards of directors. Despite the efforts of public administrations and the cyber security sector itself to combat these gender inequalities, the results are not sufficient and only 10.8% have measures to promote female talent.

Raquel Delgado is a telecommunications engineer and cybersecurity expert and Director of the Regulatory Compliance Area of the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia. She is one of these women who works there in this sector of activity. She has participated in the drafting of the Strategic Plan for Women in Cybersecurity in Catalonia 2022-2024, which has been promoted jointly by Digital Policies and the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia to promote gender equality in the cybersecurity sector.

The plan has three sides: to support the cyber security business fabric to stimulate the participation of women in this sector; to promote and attract female talent to this discipline and encourage the vocations of girls and young people in cyber security. "It has always been considered that girls are less capable of technological careers, but the best strength we have is our capacity for perseverance, resilience and effort. Let no one clip our wings," explains Delgado.